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 Posted March 9, 1998
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1) Simultaneous Calls   2) Fraud Protection  3) Phone Switch Integrity and Reliability 

4)  Low Cost "Card-less" Calling Card Function   5)  Multiple Personalized Greetings 
6) Automatic Extension Dialing  Privacy Call Forwarding  7)  Privacy Call Forwarding 

8) Greeting Bypass  Time Sensitive" Call Forwarding   9)  "Time Sensitive"call Forwarding 

10) Single Number Forwarding  11) Find Me" Forwarding 

12) "Find Me" Blasting -  13)  "Follow Me" Forwarding  14)  Do Not Disturb    (Click to go top of  page) 
15) Call Screening  16)  Voice Mail Paging  17)  Fax Paging  18)  E-mail Paging - 

19) Remind Me Memos   20)  Voice Mail - 21)  Personalized Unavailable Greeting 

22) Auto Call Return  23)  Multiple Call Function 24)  Unlimited Messages Stored 

25) Automatic 21 Day Storage  26)  Permanent Message Storage 

27)  Message Forwarding 28)  Audio Messaging System - 29)  Automatic Number Identification  

30)  Know Where Your Caller Is Before Taking the Call. 

31)  When Callers Leave a Message, View Their Phone Numbers on Your Pager. 

32)  Know the Number of Each Caller  33)  Real Time Voice and Fax on Demand Reports via Fax.
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34)  Receive a Detailed Monthly Call Report  35)  Fax Center 
36) Auto Fax Detection and Reception  37)  Date, Time and Telephone Number Stamp 

38)  Faxes Read to You    39)  Auto Fax Forwarding - 40)  Fax Forwarding to  Other  Users 

41)  Electronic Filing Cabinet for Fax Documents  42)  Fax-on-demand 

43)  Voice Broadcasting 44)  Fax Broadcasting 45)  Broad cast lists 

46)  Broadcast Status Report 47)  Electronic Phone Book for 3,600 Phone Numbers 

48)  Whisper Call Waiting  49)  Hear Your Voice Mail Messages Without a Telephone. 

50)  View Your Faxes Without Using a Fax Machine.   51)  Set up Conference Calls 

52)  Real Time Accounting of all calls                                                           (Click to go top of  page) 
53)  Create Your Own Office Features  54)  Create and Manage Broadcast Lists Visually 

55) International Call Back Via the Web    56) No Access Charges 

57)  (Outbound) Subscriber Initiated Conference Calls - 58)  "Meet Me" Conference Calls 

59)  Combine Inbound and Outbound Calls in a Single  Conference Call  

60)  Digitally Balanced Volume Levels 61)  Selectable Time Zones 

62)  International Callback  63)  Change Your International Callback Number as Needed 

64)  Add a Callback Extension Recording to ESAtm  

65) Receive Calls from Anywhere in the World. 

66)  No Long Term Contract 67)  Receive E-mail Without a Computer 

68)  E-mail Read to You 69)  E-mail Faxed to You 70)  Answer Your E-mail Without a Computer 

71)  Technical Support from Your Esa Sales Associates & Home Office 

72)  Comprehensive Forty+ Page Subscriber Guide  73)  an Instructional Video  Tape Series 
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74)  Optional Extensions  75)  Acd (Automatic Call Distribution) 

76)  Timed Esa Extension Transfer  77)  Music (Variety) on Hold  78)  Multiple Language Prompts 

79)  24hrs a Day Anywhere in the World   80)  Only 9.9cpm  81)  Single Number Access  

82)  800/888 Number Transfer 

83)  Optional 9.9 C.p.m. Long Distance Rate for Your Home & Office 
84)  Optional Nationwide Roaming Pager 
                                          85)  Best Feature of All  
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                                                       Tasks & Benefits 

1)  SIMULTANEOUS CALLS - Your ESAtm Office is not restricted to any number of lines.  
  Whether you receive one call or thirty, ESAtm  handles them all.   ESAtm sends you the calls you  
  want, and sends the rest to your voice mail.   Imagine fax broadcasting to 500 recipients while you 
  are on an eight way conference  call, and other callers are listening to your Audio Advertising! 

2) FRAUD PROTECTION - Your ESAtm  Office is security protected by a  3-to-8 digit password that you  create. Should anyone try to break the code, ESAtm   knows the telephone number they called from, and  after 3 attempts,  blocks that number from calling your ESAtm  Office again. 

3) PHONE SWITCH INTEGRITY AND RELIABILITY - ESAtm  is NOT a PC  computer-based system.  Redundant Summa Four phone switches maintain  communication integrity. With our Unix-based system  and industry-acclaimed Tele-Script software, telecommunication experts take notice. Although no  communication company will guarantee 100% connectivity, our proven track record since ESAtm   inception has been maintained at better than 99.82%. 
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4)  LOW COST "CARD-LESS" CALLING CARD FUNCTION - Use any touch   tone phone in the continental US and call any location in the 48 states for only   14.9 cpm. This feature also allows  international calls at low discounted rates.   NO plastic cards to charge, NO 10-16 digit access codes to  remember and   no surcharges.  

5) MULTIPLE PERSONALIZED GREETINGS - There are three greetings   you can pre-record (each up to 10 min. in length). Change from one to the   other as needed. Additional greetings and call paths may be  added via the   ESAtm WEB PAGE.  
                        CALL FORWARDING FEATURES:      
6)  AUTOMATIC EXTENSION DIALING - In the event you have ESAtm  forward     your calls to another  automated phone system, ESAtm  can dial the extension number     where you want your calls to ring.  

7) PRIVACY CALL FORWARDING - ESAtm  can forward calls with password  entry required   before hearing  the caller's name. Requires ESAtm  WEB access.      

8) GREETING BYPASS - When your callers reach ESAtm  you can permit them to   bypass your opening greeting and immediately ask ESAtm  to find you   or to leave a message.  
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9) "TIME SENSITIVE" CALL FORWARDING - When forwarding a call to   the telephone number you have instructed, ESAtm  will allow that phone to ring   up to 4 times before sending the caller to voice mail or another number.      

10)  SINGLE NUMBER FORWARDING - ESAtm can forward all of your callers to one number that  you can  preset and change, which could be your home phone, your cell phone, or even the main roll over line at a business office.      

11) "FIND ME" FORWARDING - If your schedule keeps you bouncing   between locations, ESAtm can dial  up to 4 locations to find you when you   use this feature.      

12) "FIND ME" BLASTING - ESAtm  will dial up to 4 locations in your   "find me" setup simultaneously if  you choose, thus keeping the on-hold    time of your callers to a minimum.      

13) "FOLLOW ME" FORWARDING - By the day of the week and by the time   of the day, ESAtm  can  forward your calls to one number, to voice mail or to   your find me feature. This feature allows you to preset your schedule   months in advance.    (Click to go top of  page)              

14) DO NOT DISTURB - When you do not want to take calls, ESAtm  will   automatically forward callers to your voice mail.      

15) CALL SCREENING - Allows you to know who is calling before you   accept the call. Callers are asked  for their name before the call is sent   to you. When you receive the call, ESAtm  plays the caller's name and   gives you the option to accept the call, send the call to voice mail or hear   the telephone number of the  caller.        MESSAGE NOTIFICATION VIA PAGER CODED 3 WAYS:  

16)  VOICE MAIL PAGING - When a message is left in your voice mail center, ESAtm       pages you with the caller's phone number and a code identifying it as a voice      message. ESAtm  will tell you if the message  priority is urgent or standard.     A special code tells you if the message was forwarded from another ESAtm  user or if it was broadcast from a subscriber.      

17)  FAX PAGING - A special fax message code will tell you when someone    faxes, forwards or broadcasts a document to your ESAtm Office.   ESAtm  also shows you the telephone number of the fax  machine or ESAtm   extension that sent the fax.      (Click to go top of  page)      

18)  E-MAIL PAGING - When you receive E-mail, ESAtm  will notify you through the same coding system.      

19) REMIND ME MEMOS - Instruct ESAtm  to page you or call you to remind    you about special events or appointments. ESAtm  can be told hours or years   in advance to page you and remind you about that  important occasion.       

20) VOICE MAIL - Includes standard voice mail functionality, plus:      

21) PERSONALIZED UNAVAILABLE GREETING - This recording lets callers   know you are unavailable  to talk with them. It is played either when your   ESAtm  is set for "Do not Disturb", or when you have  screened the call and   elected not to talk to the caller, sending the call to voice mail.      

22) AUTO CALL RETURN - Push 1 button and return a call to the person   who left you a message, even  when the caller hung up without leaving a phone number.      

23) MULTIPLE CALL FUNCTION - During a single session with ESAtm ,   you may return or initiate as  many calls as you like, with the option to   return to ESAtm 's main user menu to access other messages,  to send messages,   or to change your ESAtm setup.  (Click to go top of  page)         

24) UNLIMITED MESSAGES STORED - Your callers will never hear   a "subscriber's voice mail is full"  recording.        

25) AUTOMATIC 21 DAY STORAGE - ESAtm  will save your messages for   a full 21 days, giving you time  to complete your trip and return home before   taking action.      

26)  PERMANENT MESSAGE STORAGE - Save up to 900 messages as voice files, which can be used  for Voice on Demand, future broadcasts,  or simply to take a voice mail message from your current voice  mail and  keep it longer than 21 days.      

27)  MESSAGE FORWARDING - Forward a message to another ESAtm  Office     subscriber or group of  subscribers.     

28) AUDIO MESSAGING SYSTEM - Allows your callers to hear up to 900   pre-recorded messages.   Each message can be up to 10 minutes in length.  Commonly called Voice on Demand. Also used for Hidden Messages,  allowing designated callers to hear a private message you have left for them.      

29)  AUTOMATIC NUMBER IDENTIFICATION (ANI) - ESAtm records     the telephone number of each caller to your ESA 800/888 number.    This feature not only facilitates Fraud Protection, it also activates  Auto-Call     Return, plus the ESAtm  subscriber can:   (Click to go top of  page)   page)          



32) KNOW THE NUMBER OF EACH CALLER who enters your voice mail    system even if they hang up or don't leave their number.     

33) REAL TIME VOICE AND FAX ON DEMAND REPORTS VIA FAX - At   any time, request a report of  the telephone numbers that accessed your   voice and/or fax on demand. You will know the date, time,  telephone number,   and which file they listened to or fax they requested.     

34)  RECEIVE A DETAILED MONTHLY CALL REPORT - Each month a     detailed report for the previous  month's call records will be loaded     into your fax center.      (Click to go top of  page)        

35) FAX CENTER - Your Fax Center is automatic, sending and receiving   over as many lines as you need, independently of your fax lines and   machines. Plus, it provides:      

36) AUTO FAX DETECTION AND RECEPTION - People can fax directly  to your number from any fax  machine, and ESA automatically switches   the line to fax.      

37) DATE, TIME AND TELEPHONE NUMBER STAMP of where the fax came from.     

38) FAXES READ TO YOU - ESA translates typed documents from text to   speech - you can have a fax  READ to you over the phone.      

39) AUTO FAX FORWARDING - ESAtm can automatically forward a fax    directly to any fax machine and  then keep a copy in fax mail for 21 days.      

40)  FAX FORWARDING TO OTHER USERS - Forward a copy of any fax      received in  your ESAtm  Office to  another ESAtm subscriber or group of subscribers at NO COST.      
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41) ELECTRONIC FILING CABINET FOR FAX DOCUMENTS - Save up   to 900 documents as fax files.  These files can be used for Fax on Demand,   future broadcasts or to take a fax from your fax center and  keep it longer   than 21 days.      

42) FAX-ON-DEMAND - Load up to 900 documents for your callers to   download to their fax machines.  You can pre-load information about   products, services or company overview. This powerful feature is   included at no additional cost.      

43) VOICE BROADCASTING - Select or create a voice message. Have ESAtm   deliver that message to thousands of people worldwide.   ESAtm will also broadcast messages internally to a list of subscribers   at NO COST.      

44) FAX BROADCASTING - Select a fax document and have ESAtm  deliver   that document to thousands  of people worldwide. ESA will also broadcast   faxes internally to a list of subscribers at NO COST.      

45) BROADCAST LISTS - Create and maintain 900 broadcast lists, each list   containing up to 900  telephone numbers or ESAtm Office numbers.   (Click to go top of  page)         

46) BROADCAST STATUS REPORT - ESAtm will create a report that shows   the status of a broadcast so  you know who received your broadcast.      

47) ELECTRONIC PHONE BOOK FOR 3,600 PHONE NUMBERS - ESAtm  is   equipped with a phone book  which can maintain up to 900 entries.  Each entry can hold 4 telephone numbers.      

48) WHISPER CALL WAITING - Rather then a Beep or Click in your ear,   ESAtm  will announce the name  of the next caller and only you will hear it.   This feature permits you to handle multiple calls through ESAtm   or add callers   into a conference.         

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51)  SET UP CONFERENCE CALLS - Add or disconnect callers via your   computer - just click on the  phone numbers you want to add or drop   from a call.     (Click to go top of  page)    

52)  REAL TIME ACCOUNTING OF ALL CALLS - View your call history   in "real time". Also review  previous months' records.      

53) CREATE YOUR OWN OFFICE FEATURES by programming the  call paths you desire.         


55) INTERNATIONAL CALLBACK VIA THE WEB - When you are in   a country where traditional  call-back is unavailable, your computer and   the Internet linked to ESAtm can accomplish the task and save  you money.   Just click on "Connect."      

56) NO ACCESS CHARGES while in your ESAtm  Office via the Internet,   including retrieving messages!      

57) (OUTBOUND) SUBSCRIBER INITIATED CONFERENCE CALLS -   Set up conference calls "on the  fly" from ESAtm . Each conference call   can connect up to 8 parties at one time.      

58)  "MEET ME" CONFERENCE CALLS - Schedule a conference call by   telling the parties to call your  ESAtm  office at a certain date and time.   As they arrive, each caller's name is whispered in your ear. Just   push two buttons and let them into the conference. Each conference call   can connect up to 8 parties at  one time.        (Click to go top of  page) 

59) COMBINE INBOUND AND OUTBOUND CALLS IN A SINGLE     CONFERENCE CALL - Connect up  to 8 parties at one time - in any combination of inbound and outbound.  

60) DIGITALLY BALANCED VOLUME LEVELS - Enhances clarity of all    voices of a conference call.  

61) SELECTABLE TIME ZONES - Great when you travel. Your entire   ESAtm Office travels with you and   maintains the time zone you select.  

62)  INTERNATIONAL CALLBACK - Subscribers who live or travel outside   the USA can still keep in   contact with all the features of ESA.   Low international callback rates provide the most affordable means  for international calling.   (Click to go top of page)  

63) CHANGE YOUR INTERNATIONAL CALLBACK NUMBER AS NEEDED -   From any touch-tone  phone or via the WEB you can direct ESAtm to call   you at any phone number in most countries in the  world.                            (Click to go top of  page) 

64) ADD A CALLBACK EXTENSION RECORDING TO ESA -   When you are in a hotel or business  where a room number or extension   number is necessary to receive a call, you can direct ESA to play  the   extension number announcement when the call arrives at the front desk   or receptionist.  

65) RECEIVE CALLS FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD -   An optional call-forwarding number allows  callers to reach you   through ESAtm from practically anywhere in the world.  

66) NO LONG TERM CONTRACT - You are not bound to a long term   contract when subscribing to  ESAtm . Your subscription is a month to month   agreement and can be terminated at the end of any given  month, without   incurring penalties.  

67)  RECEIVE E-MAIL WITHOUT A COMPUTER - You get a free E-mail address on the Internet  at no extra charge. That address would be (your name) 
 (Click to go top of  page) 

68) E-MAIL READ TO YOU - When you are not near a computer or a   fax machine, ESAtm can READ  your e-mail to you over the telephone.  

69) E-MAIL FAXED TO YOU - When you don't have time to have ESAtm   read your e-mail, you can have  the message faxed to you.    

70) ANSWER YOUR E-MAIL WITHOUT A COMPUTER -   That is right! Answer your e-mail by talking to  ESAtm  over the phone.   ESAtm  will create an audio file of your response and send it back to the party who sent you the e-mail.  

71) TECHNICAL SUPPORT FROM YOUR ESA SALES   ASSOCIATES & HOME OFFICE - Support is   available from your   ESAtm  Sales Associate and his/her Associate Organization. Additionally,   for special  circumstances, the ESAtm  home office can be available for assistance.  

72) COMPREHENSIVE FORTY+ PAGE SUBSCRIBER GUIDE -     (Click to go top of  page)         
A pocket user guide and step by step  product overview is included with   your subscription.  

73) AN INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO TAPE SERIES is available for purchase   if you desire a visual manual.  

74) OPTIONAL EXTENSIONS - You can add up to 10 extensions to your  ESAtm Office. Each extension  carries the following voice and calling features   of the main ESAtm  Office: (1-6, 9-14, 16, 19-25, 27, 29-32,  34, 46, 47, 57-61,   65, 66, 77, 79, and 80).  

75) ACD (AUTOMATIC CALL DISTRIBUTION) - Incoming calls can be   evenly distributed between extensions that you add to your ESAtm  Office.  

76) TIMED ESA EXTENSION TRANSFER - Forward callers to extensions   that you add to your ESAtm  Office. A great feature for transferring calls   to the employee on call, another department, another branch   office, a partner, etc.      (Click to go top of  page) 

77) MUSIC (VARIETY) ON HOLD - No "dead air," beeping, or  repetitive (unchanging) music for your  callers.  

78) MULTIPLE LANGUAGE PROMPTS - ESAtm  is equipped to speak   to you in English or French.  

79) 24HRS A DAY ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD - ESAtm can forward   your calls to almost any telephone  in the world. Add to this international   call-back and Internet access, and you are always in contact with  ESAtm  

80) ONLY 9.9CPM for single leg calls to or from your ESAtm  Office and only   5cpm additional for ESAtm  to connect two parties together, using any phone   in the continental US. (Billed in 6-second increments)                                                 (Click to go top of  page) 

81) SINGLE NUMBER ACCESS - Each ESAtm  Office has a personal 800/888     number. Your callers have no pin or code numbers to dial.     All features are bundled together for you in one telephone number.  

82) 800/888 NUMBER TRANSFER If you already have an 800 or 888   telephone number that you want to use for your ESAtm  Office, the Home   Office will handle the necessary details to accomplish it.      (Click to go top of  page)     

83) OPTIONAL 9.9 C.P.M. LONG DISTANCE RATE FOR    YOUR HOME & OFFICE -   Each ESAtm  Office  subscriber has the option to take advantage of a 9.9cpm    interstate (intrastate savings are similar) long  distance rate through   Cable & Wireless. This rate is billed in 6 second increments - in effect   24 hours a  day - every day of the year.  

84)  OPTIONAL NATIONWIDE ROAMING PAGER -   Each ESAtm  Office subscriber has the option to take advantage of a   Nationwide Roaming Pager from PageNet at only $7.95/month.  

When you as a distributor, you refer some else to ESAtm , you will be paid a fee of $30.00  when they enroll,  in addition you will also receive commissions. 

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