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A  brief introduction.          CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE TOP 1000!
A New Technology That Will Help
International Business,
    Is Now Landing Overseas . . .
Now You Can Have An 'Office' In The USA . . .
With Your Own 888* Toll Free Number
ESAtm   will do over 80 tasks for you
all for less than $2.00 per day!
This new technology will dramatically
impact your international business!
Toll free numbers have been of great benefit to business;  the demand for toll free numbers
has exceeded the most optimistic projections.  All the 800 numbers have been taken.
Last year 888 numbers were introduced.
Coupled with ESA's new technology,  toll free numbers are now offered abroad.
Thus anyone outside the USA can take advantage of this proven marketing tool.
 Luckily 888  toll free numbers are still availablebut only  for a limited time.
So if you want an 888 number, better do it now!
Relax a little and let ESAtm   do all these jobs for you!
   Answer the phone 24 hrs/day in the language(s) of your choice. 
   Send out product information. 
   Send out up to 900 faxes (in a single run).  
   Store and retrieve up to 900 documents, brochures, product information etc.  
   Forward messages to you anywhere in the world. 
   Using a computer, you can pick up your voice mail messages anywhere in the world. 
   Without any pre-arrangements, make a conference call of up to 8 people located 
      anywhere in the world,  at minimal cost. 
   With ESAtm you will have a free e-mail address. 
  Listen to your e-mail by phone. (You don't need a computer to get e-mail !) 
  ESAtm  incorporates all of the very latest technologies of voice mail, telephony,  
     fax-back, speech to text, text to speech, cgi scripting  and so forth..  
         Click here if you want to see all of the 80+ tasks that ESAtm can do for you.
at a total cost of:  $3.23 per minute. *
* In order to reduce the high cost of overseas phone calls a so called "call back" system was
developed resulting in considerable savings for the user.  However many countries now have
 outlawed  the use of international  "call back" and simply stop such calls when they are attempted.
However, the unique ESAtm system allows the user to make international calls at significant savings.
 Introductory offer
The first 50 applicants will receive a free Web Page.
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Do you want to introduce ESAtm to others and earn an interesting monthly income?
You may introduce ESAtm in any country in the world (even in the USA!)
and reap the rewards
of being one of the first to offer this new technology.
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 "A marketers dream come true . . .
   Money saving product, profitable, repeat commissions, world wide market, high volume,
no selling,  no inventory,  no shipping,  no backorders,  no returns,
 no billing,  no receivables,  no capital investment.
Monthly repeat income!
"Work from home, work anywhere in the world as long
                                   as there is a computer available,  you are in business."
Posted March 8 - 1998
 CopyRight 1998-Maintained by AMR