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    Technology!       Realtors' Foe or Friend?   
Customer perspective.    

March 1998   

'Buy Buy' or 'Bye Bye'   home buyer?  

Have you called a Real Estate office lately?  It might go like this:   
"Hello,  you have reached the offices of  bla...bla...bla ... our office is closed now (then it gives me the regular working hours and list of sales people . . .)
please leave your name and phone number . . ."    

Yea sure, I will call back!   Here I am, it's Saturday morning,  I have been in town all week, meetings every day until late in the evening. I have a few hours before my flight home.  I want to look at that a house I saw the other day. I am hustling all week, and now I get a recording, voice mail etc.  
Whatever happened to that 'human touch' ?   

Use - Don't abuse Technology.   
Technology is a wonderful thing that can help the Realtor in so many different ways. Take voice mail for example; it is a great tool to arrange meetings with other Realtors, inspectors etc. It should be used to help the Realtor organize her/his business.    

When technology is used to 'organize' the customer it is simply the abuse of technology. Customers don't want to be 'organized';  they simply want to buy a property and in today's fast track, they want it now!    
Give up on technology, back to the 'good old days?'  Never!    

Realtors who do not keep up with technology will be left behind by the "Nintendo" generation. The smart Realtor applies the latest and best technologies, uses it wisely and does not abuse it. Both the Realtor and the customer become the beneficiaries and not victims.    

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